About this website – An Update

I am working on several projects right now and would like to promote some of my interests by talking about them here. (Shaklee, scrapbooking, Filofax, ADHD, Writing, Genealogy).

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Poster Review

This is Poster app for iPad. Trying it out to see how it will hold up for posting to my website. So far so good with typing and responsiveness.

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Looking for Answers

Scattering through the pages looking for an answer.

But reading it, doesn’t make it True.

Believing it doesn’t make it True.

I can look forever, trying to find the answer,

But I will never find it in a book

in a speech

in thought

It has always been available.

Once I reject everything


There it is!!

I originally wrote this back in 1997, tucked it away in my hoard of writings that I was afraid to share, and revisited it today.  The original title was “Don’t Believe Everything You Read”, and looking back now it doesn’t quite fit as a title.  For years, I have looked to books, people and nature for answers, and often those deep questions remain unanswered.  If I am seeking something that cannot be seen or heard then how can those questions be answered?

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Being Somebody Else

How is it that we try so hard to be perfect, but in the process we end up copying or envying other people? I keep trying different methods of self-improvement, organization and writing styles, all taken from other people’s advise and it doesn’t fit the person I am.  I can definitely relate to a quote by E.E. Cummings I read today:
“To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

E. E. Cummings  A Poet’s Advice (1958)

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My suitcases are full and I still haven’t unpacked.

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Memorial Day Weekend Shredathon

Just completed a three-day long scanning expedition.  I have scanned just about everything, papers, school stuff, artwork, poetry, photos, greeting cards, and shredded the hard copies.  I feel liberated!!  I eliminated three boxes and cut my file box to almost nothing.  The most room taken up in the file box is the hanging folders.  My mother bought me a Epson Scanner on Friday and it has really helped tremendously.  I can’t believe I stuck with it!  Definitely on my way to being minimal!  My mind feels better, less distracted knowing there is no paper clutter.

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God Is Not A Vocabulary Word.

What is indescribable is undefinable, so stop looking.  This is all.

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Decluttering Life – Part Two

Still at ends with many distractions, but I have managed to eliminate more files, not without the redundancy of restructuring of my filing system.  It seems I am never happy with the way things are!  I constantly move things around, hoping to become more productive; this has been a huge failure of mine for many years.  I anticipate over the next few days that I will eliminate more digital clutter and focus more on producing work.  I have longed to be a writer for as long as I can remember, although there has been little to no discipline with it.  I tend to spend hours searching the internet looking for the best writing tips, note taking tips, “how to organize your files and be done with it”, and so on.  Everything will fall into place when I start focusing more, spending less time surfing and more time reading and writing.
As for physical decluttering, I haven’t been able to identify anything else in my possession that needs to be tossed, donated or recycled, but have been more mindful of the wastefulness of shopping and dining out.  I really can’t afford to do these things anyway.

My apologies for this little rant which may make little sense to you, but serves as a reminder to me of what I am trying to accomplish for myself.


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Decluttering Life

This weekend I have been focusing on eliminating unnecessary files and applications on my computer and digital devices.  This is only part of my efforts to cut down on the unnecessary in my life.  In the past year and a half I have tossed or donated clothing, paper clutter, books, bags, etc…  This decluttering project is an effort to reduce the “things” in my life that distract me from making progress and enjoying life.

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Using Mail to Publish

Testing the functionality of email to publish to blog.

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