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Memorial Day Weekend Shredathon

Just completed a three-day long scanning expedition.  I have scanned just about everything, papers, school stuff, artwork, poetry, photos, greeting cards, and shredded the hard copies.  I feel liberated!!  I eliminated three boxes and cut my file box to almost nothing.  The most room… continue reading »

Using Mail to Publish

Testing the functionality of email to publish to blog.

Testing from Mars

Guess what I did today?

Well, I am finally sitting down after a long day at work.  I managed to escape the office for a local writers group meeting today.  This is a first for me, something besides fast food, a cigarette or two, and… continue reading »

FRYE Harness Boots

Today was an awesome day.  After paying off some bills I bought on my first pair of boots while shopping for a good pair of boots for my daughter.  They are Size 7 FRYE Harness 12R Boots in Tan (more… continue reading »

Complainy Whiny Girl

I have been trying really hard to focus on things in my life that are complicating my emotional wellbeing and those around me.  I tend to go off the handle if things aren’t a certain way, thus the title I… continue reading »

Where am I going exactly?

Frequently I inquire within for an answer to this question with no response.  I know what I want to do, but don’t have the discipline to do it.  I am currently working on reading a book to get me started,… continue reading »

My pre-review of Accidental Genius by Mark Levy

I am currently working on a good read by Mark Levy, “Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content”, the book is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.  I am liking it so far and… continue reading »

Update on Book “The Case For Christ” by Lee Stroebel

Well, it’s a slow read. I’ve been so interested in other things, rather than sit down and read it.  It’s not one of those “I just can’t put it down” books, to me.  But I will keep trying, who knows,… continue reading »

If Refrigerators Could Talk

Dear Human(s), Since we have been together, I have done some many things for you. I keep your refrigerated food cold, and your frozen foods frozen. Please pay attention to me. There’s nothing more annoying to me then to smell… continue reading »

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