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Poster Review

This is Poster app for iPad. Trying it out to see how it will hold up for posting to my website. So far so good with typing and responsiveness.

Looking for Answers

Scattering through the pages looking for an answer. But reading it, doesn’t make it True. Believing it doesn’t make it True. I can look forever, trying to find the answer, But I will never find it in a book in… continue reading »

Being Somebody Else

How is it that we try so hard to be perfect, but in the process we end up copying or envying other people? I keep trying different methods of self-improvement, organization and writing styles, all taken from other people’s advise… continue reading »


My suitcases are full and I still haven’t unpacked.

God Is Not A Vocabulary Word.

What is indescribable is undefinable, so stop looking.  This is all.


Life is about love, life is about compassion and understanding.  We are a receptacle of one God.  The indefinable God that doesn’t come out of a Bible, a Torah, an ancient text.  The breathe in each of us, came from… continue reading »


“I” came from the ocean.  I fell into it and let go of all fears.  I relied on it and was never thirsty.  I swam in it and was free.  I danced in the ocean, like I was always meant… continue reading »

What is Freedom?

Does freedom entail confinement to one’s thoughts?  Where does ones’ mind go when there is nothing there?

The Only One

Be the only one in the world, and you will miss everything else around it.

What Is Existence

What is existence? Where does it stem from? Who am I to judge or be judged?