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Decluttering Life – Part Two

Still at ends with many distractions, but I have managed to eliminate more files, not without the redundancy of restructuring of my filing system.  It seems I am never happy with the way things are!  I constantly move things around,… continue reading »

Decluttering Life

This weekend I have been focusing on eliminating unnecessary files and applications on my computer and digital devices.  This is only part of my efforts to cut down on the unnecessary in my life.  In the past year and a… continue reading »

Books Given Away This Week

Over the course of the last few years, I have donated quite a few books to the library.  In this past week, I gave away 19 books.  Currently my bookshelf contains reference books and some biographies and very few novels,… continue reading »

Minimalist Efforts

Minimalism can be a scary word.  With previous attachments to things I am quite overwhelmed by all the stuff I have.  In the past few years I have gradually reduced, and today was a big one.  The sentimental things.  Stuffed… continue reading »

Minimalist Beginnings

Writing instruments-my biggest addiction since childhood-are finally meeting their demise.  This weekend, I finally got up the courage to pare down my thrice reduced pen collection by only keeping two pens and one mechanical pencil, e.g., Cross pen, Franklin Covey… continue reading »