Looking for Answers

Scattering through the pages looking for an answer.

But reading it, doesn’t make it True.

Believing it doesn’t make it True.

I can look forever, trying to find the answer,

But I will never find it in a book

in a speech

in thought

It has always been available.

Once I reject everything


There it is!!

I originally wrote this back in 1997, tucked it away in my hoard of writings that I was afraid to share, and revisited it today.  The original title was “Don’t Believe Everything You Read”, and looking back now it doesn’t quite fit as a title.  For years, I have looked to books, people and nature for answers, and often those deep questions remain unanswered.  If I am seeking something that cannot be seen or heard then how can those questions be answered?

August 13, 2012

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