Guess what I did today?

Well, I am finally sitting down after a long day at work.  I managed to escape the office for a local writers group meeting today.  This is a first for me, something besides fast food, a cigarette or two, and a game of Freecell.  I have long awaited finding the motivation to get out in the community and do something besides grocery shopping, taking trash to the dump, or window shopping.  I forgot what it felt like to have non-work-related human contact and how interesting people can be.  I had even started asking the dog for advice. 

And for the last part of my day.  I’m tired, just slaved in the kitchen hacking away at produce to provide nourishment for a family of three, excluding the dogs of course.  Boiled the eggs, wondering if there were going to be any surprises inside that would stop me from ever eating eggs again, and “dang it” there weren’t.  I made chicken souvlaki style meatballs to encourage “some people”, e.g., daughter, to open the refridgerator, take out the meatballs, neatly place them on bread, add various vegetables, slap it together, and eat it for lunch or whenever.    So now I am tired, sitting at the computer, angstly awaiting a lightbulb to come on telling me something amazing, awesome, New York Times bestseller to write about.  But, here I sit writing about food and various cooking utensils used to prepare the food.

March 9, 2011

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