My pre-review of Accidental Genius by Mark Levy

I am currently working on a good read by Mark Levy,

“Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content”, the book is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.  I am liking it so far and have been able to discipline myself over the last few days to do the free-writing and exercises in the book.  I have skipped one exercise, due to procrastination, but I hope to go back to it later.  I am currently on Chapter 5.  This is a big effort for me, but I have to start somewhere.  I tend to have problems retaining what I read, “probably because I don’t read enough”, and end up putting books down in the middle and deferring them until I eventually forget and have to start over.  My goal is to stay on top of this one and keeping reading to the last page.  Will have more insight on this book later.

January 13, 2011

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