Dear Dad,

It’s been a while since I have talked to you on the phone and heard something funny and sarcastic.  I have to say I think I inherited your sense of humor.  Know one memory sticks out where we used to drive to the ABC liquor store for beer “for you” and candy bars for me, mom, and Karin.  Or when you took me to Toys R’ Us and bought me a Pink Panther puppet, guess you felt bad because Cherie picked out my Christmas present one year, an ugly jumpsuit out of some old woman’s mail catalogue.  I still have that puppet, the jumpsuit, I’m afraid that’s gone.

I know you tried really hard to stay close to me and Karin and keep in touch and visit when you could.  I think you did everything you could and I know you love us a lot.

There’s a lot of things I wish I had done or could have seen you more often.  I wish I could be there right now through this tough time.  Please know that even though I’m 600 miles away, I think about you all the time and try to imagine sitting next to you in the hospital trying to keep you from laughing and finding out that you might be able to go home and recover.  I try to remember how funny you were before you got sick.  I am afraid to see what this cancer has done to you, I just want to remember you the way you were, sitting in a chair in your living room while me and Karin, Rhianna and Cece are visiting.  Then of course planning to head out to eat. 

Your laugh was always funny.  I can’t remember if you were laughing at something you said or if we said something funny.  What was it?

Just thought I would talk to you a little while. 



March 25, 2010

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