Week 1 Review – Morning Pages

I started Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” last Sunday. Sunday also marked the first day of my morning pages journey. I have two flexible, extra-large Moleskine diaries to use for the next 12 weeks to write on a daily basis.

I have had a bit of hesitancy this week to get up and do them, but I managed to write six days out of seven. I skipped Friday because I have weekly obligation for my job that requires me to travel to another office, which is 40 miles away. As much as I should have taken the time to sit down and write, I didn’t. I inserted my first excuse, but, I’m not going to sit here and beat myself over the head for it.

One thought about this experience before I go. I’ve noticed that my morning pages seem unfinished, like I should keep going. I don’t know if this is what is supposed to happen, but I stop anyway.

Well, that’s it. I made it through week one. I didn’t do any of the suggested exercises from the book; however, I think I’m off to a good start. I will keep up with this as long as I can and report back to my blog as a personal commitment to myself.

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I’ve been journaling now for almost two months without skipping a day.  This is a major accomplishment for me since I usually give up the minute I make handwriting errors.  I’ve wasted several journals because of my perfectionism and it has taken some great effort to persevere, but I’m glad I stuck it out.  As I have been on this new journey it has helped me to think things out before reacting in the outside world.  What I have learned during this process is that you do not have to worry about censorship or approval from anyone.  It’s your private conversation with paper.

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Update on my website


Had a little trouble getting my site up and running today.  I made the switch from Squarespace to Godaddy.  The offer WordPress hosting and the price was reasonable.  Tonight I spoke with David at Godaddy, and he fixed the problem in a jiffy.  I had several IP’s that were redirecting my site.  So glad he was able to help.

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Squarespace Review

I switched to Squarespace yesterday for hosting my website.  So far it’s easy to navigate, and make changes to.  One big downfall is that I cannot use the external blog editor to add posts.  I can add a Squarespace account in the blog editor however I am unable to get it to work right now; the application developer is aware of this issue and is trying to resolve the problem. Hopefully this will change soon.  The mobile applications seem okay for publishing, but I am still relatively new to this service.  

As far as a my new layout is concerned, I am still working on updating the navigation links, these are subject to change.


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I like to read non-fiction and self-help books. I want to know about the person behind the book, not the fairy tale. I want to know how people surpassed desperate times and became successful. I was never one to read fiction, I liked the truth.

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I’ve been sporadic with my writing lately, often spending hours upon end perusing the web for ideas. I am getting nowhere with this mentality and need to spend more time writing.

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writingtap the saga continues

What life breathing words will become of this place? Where am I going?

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blogging with Byword

I have been trying to decide which text editor to use on my iPad when composing blog posts. With Byword I can publish to the web, where iaWriter does not, but, I just can’t part with either one. iaWriter is a great application, it’s simplicity at its best.

Conclusion: When I just want to focus on writing and nothing else, iaWriter is my application of choice, however, Byword is a great little application for posting to the web.

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Handwriting Practice

Today I received the Theory of Spencerian Penmanship and copy books from from Amazon. It shipped UPS Ground and came in good condition, just a few minor folds in the paper close to the spine on the theory book, which probably happened during binding but I am well pleased.  “I am a little OCD about getting new stuff with minor flaws, it’s more personal when you make them yourself.”
I ordered these to improve my handwriting and look forward to getting started and sticking to it. This is not to say it wont be hard and I wont get discouraged, but I am determined to try.



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Perhaps I just need to write and not fret about what the topic for the day is.  Until I can get a little more organized with my posts, I will try to do a daily check-in.
Today was one of those OMG days.  The infamous cat, Mr. Nemus has been busted.  I found the source of the stench in the bedroom while cleaning off the guest bed today.  Mr. Nemus has been spraying.  We believe this is due to stress and hopefully it will stop.  I cleaned and disinfected all the bedding and he is loving is fresh clean space, hence why he has been hogging half of my bed when I try to sleep.  I guess he was quite displeased with my array of junk (photographs and miscellaneous stuff) on “his bed” so since he couldn’t lay down wherever he chose to, he decided to show his true colors about his territory.  Thankfully none of the stuff that I had on the guest bed was affected by Mr. Nemus stench, but he made a point to let me know he was unhappy with the living arrangements.  I will keep my fingers crossed that I have done everything needed to keep him from doing it again.


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